O’cean one8


O’cean has always created products for people who want more; a generation that is living life to the fullest and maximizing their day. They believe in going forth and doing this and that and everything else, because there’s not enough hours for them to keep playing the day. This is the philosophy that started this brand and continues to push us even to this day.

Inspiring healthier living

O’cean one8 is a celebration of Virat Kohli‘s philosophy and way of life. Always health conscious and on the go, he’s the inspiration behind a healthier lifestyle for millions. Those who know him well, know he will never endorse something he doesn’t believe in. Which explains his partnership with O’cean Beverages - our ‘inspiring healthier living’ mantra is something he’s always practiced, both on and off the field. Together, O’cean and one8 will drive the spirit of a healthier living for years to come. One refreshing product after another.

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